Elettra 2.0: New Structural Biology Opportunities

AREA Science Park

AREA Science Park

Padriciano 99, Trieste, 34149, Italy MR4H+X3 Trieste, Provincia di Trieste

After nearly 30 years of service to the international research community, the Elettra 3rd generation synchrotron source will be replaced by the new Elettra 2.0 diffraction limited storage ring. The 4th generation light source will boost the spatial, energy and temporal resolution of all imaging, scattering and spectroscopic techniques, opening new opportunities in many fields of science.

A new dedicated MX beamline, μXRD, will replace the present XRD2 beamline at Elettra 2.0 and will be complemented by a new cryogenic electron microscopy facility (cryo-EM) that the Italian National Research Council and Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste are establishing. An interconnected network of support laboratories for MX and cryo-EM sample preparation and characterization with ancillary analytical techniques will further widen the offer.

The goal of the hybrid-mode workshop “Elettra 2.0: New Structural Biology Opportunities” on July 3rd is to present and discuss our upgrade plans. During this event, speakers from facilities across Europe will share their experience and discuss the main challenges encountered by structural biology users.

We look forward to your participation either in person or virtual mode, to share our vision and gather feedback from our scientific community in order to leverage our future state-of-the-art facilities.

We would like to encourage you to participate and actively contribute to the workshop by providing us with information about your present and perspective needs. In this respect, we would appreciate if you could take a few minutes to respond to our survey at: https://forms.gle/ctmWKK8anY123zoU6 by June 26th 2023.


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