Welcome to the 3rd Workshop on Particle Accelerator Upgrade - Removal and Installation

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste research center is located on the Karst highland close to the city of Trieste and its Gulf.

Currently there are several projects for the upgrade or construction of particle accelerators.     
Some are completed (e.g. ESRF-EBS), some are running (e.g. APS-U, ALS-U, Elettra 2.0, SLS 2.0,...), some are starting or under evaluation.

These projects share common aspects related to the removal of an existing machine and the installation of the new one. In addition, other facilities deal with similar issues when doing more limited upgrade (e.g. CLS) and are interested in the topic.

Re-Installation of the 40-meter-long, 7-ton crane on the roof of the Elettra Building after the extraordinary maintenance for the logistics needs of Elettra 2.0 Project
The ‘grand tube’ installation in S9ID at APS-U
The first Accumulator sector installed in the ALS-U tunnel

The previous two edition of this workshop were online ones, co-organized by Elettra, ESRF, APS-U, ALS-U, with great participation of people (80+ at the first, 100+ at the second) and facilities (13 and, respectively, 19).

This is the first in-person edition, hosted by Elettra in collaboration with the Canadian Light Source, with a Scientific Committee comprising experts from ESRF, APS, ALS, CLS, and Elettra.

The workshop, structured over three days, will occur from 18 to 20 March 2024, starting with the buffet lunch of the first day (March 18) and ending with the buffet lunch of the third day (March 20).     
A visit to Elettra is also foreseen in the afternoon of day 2.

Two main goals of this workshop are:

  • gathering people involved in the Removal & Installation activities for the upgrade of particle accelerator in an informal manner to share expertise, best practices with positive - and negative - experiences; 
  • ask and provide advise through an open peer-to-peer discussion, eventually consolidating a Community of experts on logistics, removal, installation for particle accelerators.

Participants are strongly invited to give a short talk during Sessions or present a poster with a "Flash-Talk" during coffee-breaks. In the Registration Form you can indicate your availability.

Registration is now open until 29 February 2024.

The fee for the participants is 200 Euro, comprising three buffet lunches, coffee breaks and the Workshop dinner.     
Travel, lodging and additional dinners for the participants are on charge of their organizations.

Scientific Committee

D. Leitner (ALS-U)

M.J. Erdmann (APS-U)

J-L. Revol (ESRF)

F. Le Pimpec (CLS)

R. Visintini (Elettra) - Chair of the Scientific Committee


Local and Collaborating Organizing Committee

Roberto Visintini (Elettra) - Chair of the LOC

Frédéric Le Pimpec (CLS) - Co-chair of the LOC

Annamaria Accettulli (Elettra) 

Roberta Casson (Elettra)

Grant Bilbrough (CLS)


Trieste, Italy
Registration for this event is currently open.