Sep 8 – 13, 2024
ICTP, Trieste, Italy
Europe/Rome timezone

The European Molecular Liquids Group (EMLG) and the Japanese Molecular Liquids Group (JMLG) are networks of researchers interested in the study of the structure, dynamics and interactions of molecules in liquid systems by experimental, theoretical and simulation techniques. The European group was founded in 1981 and was joined by the Japanese group in 1996. International conferences were organized since 1982 in different countries, with topics covering molecular aspects of fluids in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The main aim of these interdisciplinary conferences was to bring together scientists working on the field, to favour international cooperation and information exchange between researchers and students.

The next edition of the EMLG/JMLG conference will take place at the Budinich Lecture Hall of ICTP in Trieste (Italy) from September 8 to 13, 2024.

The EMLG-JMLG 2024 annual meeting will focus on the most recent experimental, theoretical and computational findings concerning the structure and dynamics of hydrogen bonded systems. These encompass water and water mixtures, ionic liquids, deep eutectic solvents, biomolecules, biomolecular condensates, biological membranes, aqueous interfaces. Additionally, the conference will address traditional topics within the realm of the physical chemistry of molecular liquids including, pure liquids and mixtures, supercritical fluids, glassy systems, soft matter and colloids, biobased solvents, and more. Particular attention will be paid to the use of synchrotron-based techniques for the study of liquid systems and soft matter. 


The EMLG-JMLG 2024 annual meeting is organized with the support of Elettra Sincrotrone Triestea multidisciplinary research center of excellence, open to the international research community, specialized in generating high quality synchrotron and free-electron laser light and applying it in materials and life sciences.

ICTP, Trieste, Italy
Budinich Lecture Hall
Strada Costiera, 11 | 34151 | Trieste, Italy
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